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Hospitalization (Omicron)
(01-06-2022, 04:52 PM)ChrisGreene Wrote: His post refers to this a a visualization of hospital data.

I have not yet invested the time to learn what the data sources are and if there are any shenanigans going on, so consume this info with skepticism.

I'm less than happy with the presentation of the data.  Unfortunately I didn't capture a picture of the data yesterday, but it looks very different today.   My guess is they are using too short an interval for deciding whether a county or state is "Has capacity", "Unsustainable", or "Forecasted to Exceed Capacity".  They list 38 states (and thus all those counties) as having 0 new cases yesterday.  Their definition of Unsustainable is given as "The single day case count yesterday is on a trend to the area reaching a circuit breaker."

I'm sure those states that have "zero" new cases yesterday will have a higher than normal count on other days, leading to wild swings between Has Capacity and Unsustainable.

By the way, an email address at Harvard is given for "discussing the data".

I see they mention some change on January 7.  Maybe they'll get it stable, but it isn't now.  (Btw, this site is apparently new, so that's Jan. 7, 2022, not 2021.)

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