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'Twas the night before COVID
Thanks for posting, BC.

Because of concerns for travel and my personal issues with any respiratory infection, I am spending my first Christmas without being with family.  That wasn't the plan even two weeks ago.  (But, I'm going to visit a long-time friend.)

While it is terrible that the world has to continue to fight COVID, I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe there is a little less fighting among ourselves, at least at the international level.  This has been a struggle, but I think it is not as bad as a major war for any particular population.

We can hope that by the end of 2022, COVID will not disrupt our lives as it did last December and now.  But, it has found new ways to disrupt us in the past, so we should steel ourselves to be prepared and do what is necessary.

Merry Christmas & a Healthy New Year to all.

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