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Reproduction numbers of different variants in US
(This does not include Omicron)
SARS-CoV-2 variant dynamics across US states show consistent differences in effective reproduction numbers

Quote:Here, we extend methods for inferring the effective reproduction number of an epidemic using confirmed case data to jointly estimate variant-specific effective reproduction numbers and frequencies of co-circulating variants using case data and genetic sequences across states in the US from January to October 2021. 

The reproductive number is affected by numerous factors: variant, population density, size of families, steps taken to reduce spread, adherence to those steps, completeness of infection numbers.  This group tries to compute this and to pull out the reproduction number for each variant, and then to compute a fixed growth advantage for each variant.   I'm trying to understand the state-to-state differences.

In other (colorful!) graphs in the paper they show the time-varying R for the variants.

[Image: COVID-R-by-Variant.png]

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