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It ain't over
I didn't want to start a new thread....

Santa Clara County (CA) gives 3 different sets of numbers for daily numbers.

  1. How many new cases have been tallied by the time of a new daily announcement.  They've taken to just saying what the grand total is, and a running average.  The daily increment is hard to find.
  2. How many new cases were from samples taken on a certain date.  This number is shown in their dashboard. But recent dates aren't yet complete.  Some of the samples taken on Monday may come back on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or...
  3. How many positive results were in samples taken on a certain date.  This number is shown in their test positivity data.  A person with COVID that takes two PCR tests on Monday and two more on Tuesday would show up as one positive test on Monday and one on Tuesday.  (If they didn't have a recent positive test before Monday, they'd show up as a new case only on Monday)
As of January 10, with maybe some data outstanding, 0.9% of SCC's population were newly confirmed COVID cases (#2 above) total across the 3 days January 3 to 5 (roughly 6,000/day)   Test positivity those days was about 15%.   And that's just PCR numbers.

I looked at Houston's data at  They had a speedometer-style gauge for average daily new cases in the 9-county Greater Houston Area (about 7.2M people) with a top "speed" of  3000 cases per day.     They broke it.  Not once, not twice, not three times, but 4 times around.  13,555 cases per day.  Still that's "only" 0.56% of the population in 3 days.  They're having 29% test positivity.

Thankfully, the hospitalizations aren't going up at that rate.   We'll see about "Long Covid"

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