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Natural (infection) vs vaccine immunity in young children
Thanks so much, all! I know it has been a long time since I posted this and then I stepped away as I dealt with a ton of urgent issues. I really appreciate the replies and this gives me some added structure to help think about the situation and how to respond to what I expect to be more and more families (who were fully on board with our approach but are now fatigued) asking why we are still so conservative relative to all the other schools. Omicron ironically makes things harder for us even though it seems to be much less harmful (but much more contagious so at a population level not necessarily less harmful). I think that having an independent physician review exemption requests is a great idea. Thanks, and I hope all are doing safe. Even though this is a very belated response I greatly appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

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RE: Natural (infection) vs vaccine immunity in young children - by NoGoldenCalves - 12-23-2021, 06:02 PM

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