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"Texas" vaccine / CORBEVAX
(01-04-2022, 06:52 AM)M_T Wrote: There is a well-respected video blog "This Week in Virology" (TWIV).
I saw a fund-raising Q&A broadcast just before the end of the year, where the host Vincent Racaniello was asked about CORBEVAX, and he said he didn't know anything about (nor did his cohost).

In the regular show on January 1, the host & guest speaker had looked into it and offered their opinions, which were between doubtful and dubious.  If you're interested, pick up the video here.

The last link to the video got garbled for me. I think you meant this video at about 20 minutes in:    

Although their concerns about the adequacy of testing seem reasonable, the part about "why do they need this" totally misses the point. For a lot of the world, the mRNA vaccines are not an alternative. For much of the world, the question is not whether it is a reasonable substitute for mRNA vaccines. The relevant question is whether it is helpful for a large mass of people that have no access to vaccine.          

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