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Alameda County inpatients
It is tragic when someone dies of COVID, and there has been way too many. It is especially tragic when a child or a child's parent dies. Virtually every COVID death now should have been preventable. (I presume the mother was unvaccinated.)

I guess there are lots of reasons why people don't get the shot.

I have a niece who isn't vaccinated. She wants to be, but as a single mother with 3 young kids, she doesn't have too many chances. She says that her county requires filling out the insurance info before getting a reservation. (I've told her to walk in (she had no car) and say she doesn't have insurance.) I'm pretty sure she got COVID once her kids started going to school this fall. (Like another relative, getting tested when a single mother & kids are sick is challenging.)

I imagine some people are worried about being tracked (outstanding warrants, immigration status).

And, of course, there are many who knowingly refuse the vaccine.

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