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Biden & Single shot/Delayed Second Shot
EDIT: Whoops!  When I wrote this, I confused by 1st & 2nd options.  Both dabigv and snorlax had it as I wrote it above.

dabigv, I'm not sure you understood what I referred to as the "second option".  The first option is the UK system.

Currently, the US stockpiles the 2nd dose for each of the 1st doses they ship.  When time comes, they will pull that dose out of the freezer and ship it out.  That way, no matter what happens in manufacturing, there is always a 2nd dose ready to be there when the time is right.

The alternative that I described as 2nd option is where all doses are shipped as they come out of the manufacturer's warehouse.  When it comes time for someone to get a 2nd dose, it is one freshly manufactured.  But if manufacturing hiccups, the 2nd dose may be delayed.

As it turns out, I see that Santa Clara County has turned some unused first doses into second doses since that sat unused.

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