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Doses at the time of CDC mask decision
The CDC indicates that 120M are fully vaccinated, 155M have at least one dose.
268M doses have been administered and 342 doses have been delivered.

I looked back... President Trump had ordered 200M Pfizer and 200M Moderna doses by Dec. 23.

I don't know when the J&J doses were ordered.  Apparently the US also ordered AZ doses (some of which have been sent to Mexico).

I have no issue with the purchase of additional doses, esp. if they can be delivered as booster shots for new variants.

The CDC guidance on the fully vaccinated.

(Who believes those that have opted not to be vaccinated are going to opt to wear masks??  
Who is going to ask those without masks for proof of vaccination?)

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Doses at the time of CDC mask decision - by M_T - 05-14-2021, 10:29 PM

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