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California Phase 1A, 1B & 1C vaccination guidelines
California's guidelines for vaccinations in phase 1A and 1B are published at the CDPH.
  Santa Clara County reinterpreted those (inaccurately, in my opinion) and published SCC's interpretation on their website.  For instance, SCC added all staff at all medical facilities to 1A differently than the state's document which specifies persons at risk of exposure, while the CDC described that part of group 1A as healthcare workers (with direct or indirect exposures).

California's guidelines broadly follow the CDC recommendations for Phase 1A - 1C.

Those in group 1C (65yo, 16-64 with comorbidities, and "essential" workers)  can expect their first dose to be between April through August, if there is enough vaccine.

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California Phase 1A, 1B & 1C vaccination guidelines - by M_T - 01-07-2021, 05:55 AM

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