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Rising tide?
As far as I can tell, the high numbers in NYC are being driven by a NY variant. Most of the states along the Atlantic coast from about the Carolinas to southern New England have been rising. I haven't seen anything looking at the variants that dominate in this area. The Michigan increase appears to be related to the British variant. I assume that states continuing to open thins up in the face of these increases is also making a major contribution. Although both the British and NY variants have been found in California, California so far appears to be dominated by it's own variant.

Although California hasn't been increasing much yet, it hasn't really gone down either in the last week. I'm just hoping the rise in California will be delayed enough for vaccinations to blunt it. So far, about 25% of Californians over 16 are fully vaccinated and a much higher percentage has had at least one shot in the Bay Area. If you scroll down in the linked article, they have a map with data for each county in CA.

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