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Vaccine effect reflected in elderly stats
Here are some stats on hospitalizations in Michigan, where they are having an increase in cases & hospitalizations:

Quote:In the past three weeks, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations has more than doubled, from about 824 on March 1 compared to 1,687 reported Tuesday, March 23. Currently, 356 coronavirus patients are in ICUs, a 58% increase compared to the 225 in ICUs on March 1.

The increases are being driven by younger adults: Since March 1, hospitalizations increased by 633% for adults ages 30-39 and by 800% for adults ages 40-49, the MHA says.

Meanwhile, hospitalizations for those age 80 and older are up 37%. About 44% of people in that age group are fully vaccinated and more than two-thirds have had at least one dose.

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