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Airflow in passenger cars (re COVID spread)
Can share a lot, but where to begin? Would help to know more about your system and help as I can.

FWIW, I had a conversation a few months back with a systems contractor, who did a study with a major mechanical contractor (fancy term for an HVAC guy) and a major hospital organization. While Covid was found in the HVAC systems, not a single case of transmission through the HVAC had been documented. To your point though, transmission from a shedding person in the conditioned space upstream of a healthy person is problematic. Proper positioning of localized purifiers can greatly reduce the risk, though Computation Fluid Dynamics can greatly help with the analysis, but pretty much has been completely ignored as a tool due to the complexity. . ..

Also, another critical aspect is fast air changes and kill rates. Tracing is set for people unmasked for 15 minutes within six feet--in our products, we're looking at changing and cleaning the air in a conference room completely within half that, and in smaller spaces such as an elevator in less than a minute. Cars, restaurant tables, theatre seats all somewhat similar. The key seems to be, pull in potentially contaminated air quickly, clean it, and send it away from anyone else.

More tomorrow. . . .

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