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Airflow in passenger cars (re COVID spread)
Nothing unexpected, but here's a study on airflow in a typical passenger car with a driver and a passenger in the back right, with a view as to airflows from passenger to driver and from driver to passenger.

Best: all windows open.
Essentially as good: opposite windows open (front right & rear left)
Worst: all windows closed.  But, the air exchanges per hour were higher than recommended for most indoor situations, but it is a tiny space.

A nit I have with this study is that they didn't study partially open windows.  I'd have suggested including 2"-open and half-open, as having wide open windows is quite a blast in the winter.

(A good friend's brother-in-law contracted COVID from his passenger during a 2-hour drive in MN in early December.)

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Airflow in passenger cars (re COVID spread) - by M_T - 01-07-2021, 12:46 AM

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