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The difference between Florida and California
(03-20-2021, 01:14 AM)akiddoc Wrote:

Pediatricians want kids back in school now. It was a reasonable decision to keep kids home through the worst of the winter. Time to go back now.
Fortunately, my daughter's high school in Contra Costa has been in hybrid since October, though sports only started back up in earnest in late January with high school swimming and club polo. With four official meets in the books and an end of year league scheduled for next weekend, the change in her mental status has been remarkable.

Though we only have a sample size of one and she has pretty much made it through, two of her friends ended up in youth mental health facilities and a kid at the local HS took their own life. Curious what you, as a professional, have been seeing from a mental health aspect. Anecdotally, the lockdowns/closures seem to have been really tough for many kids.

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