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Report suggesting some healthcare workers are passing on vaccine
I don't particularly trust the source, but one report is suggesting that a number of healthcare workers may be passing on the vaccine, quoting reputable sources.
I suppose, if true, this could be partially to blame for lower vaccination counts as they are the vast majority of those eligible for the shots in most places.

Quote:Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine disclosed that about 60 percent of the nursing home workers in his state have so far chosen not to get vaccinated. 

An estimated 50 percent of front-line workers in Riverside County in the Golden State opted against the drug

a doctor at Houston Memorial Medical Center told NPR earlier this month that half the nurses in the facility would not get the vaccine, citing political reasons. 
At my hospital the vast majority of staff are vaccinated. Every physician, nurse, tech, therapist I've spoken with has gotten it or was signed up for it.

We are also starting to expand past employees, if they are also HCWs. I believe next week 75+ will probably start to get shots but it might still be in a somewhat ad hoc way.
I have an ED friend who is holding out (and has not been stricken either).  Doesn't trust Pfizer.  Is waiting for more information.
That said, the rest of his department has gotten their shot(s).
On my last platelet donation, I asked the technician whether she would get the vaccine. She said that she would not. Platelet donors have to take off masks for temperature checks, and to eat tums and drink water during the process. She was quite aware that she was at increased rick. These are anecdotes, but also somewhat telling.
One of my brothers is a medical researcher and is very conservative medically.  He initially was skeptical of the process by which the vaccines were to be evaluated.  He stated something to the effect of not wanting to be a guinea pig.

But, by mid-December after hearing others evaluate the vaccines, he was scheduled for his vaccination.

Like him, I was anxious about the process, but the published results were enough to convince me that the risk is far greater without the vaccine.
IMHO, while ideally I would like to see high fractions of medical workers getting vaccines, I don't have much heartburn if many choose to wait.  There are so many people wanting vaccines that to me it makes sense to move on to those who want them and circle back later, particularly as confidence grows.
I've managed to convince several reluctant nurses at my facility to get it over with. They admit that their reluctance was emotional, not a rational risk assessment.

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