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Bio marker for bad outcome?
"Autoantibodies neutralizing type I IFNs are present in~4% of uninfected individuals over 70 years old and account for ~20% of COVID-19 deaths"

Quote:Circulating autoantibodies (auto-Abs) neutralizing high concentrations (10 ng/mL, in plasma diluted 1 to 10) of IFN-α and/or -ω are found in about 10% of patients with critical COVID-19 pneumonia, but not in subjects with asymptomatic infections. We detect auto-Abs neutralizing 100-fold lower, more physiological, concentrations of IFN-α and/or -ω (100 pg/mL, in 1/10 dilutions of plasma) in 13.6% of 3,595 patients with critical COVID-19, including 21% of 374 patients > 80 years, and 6.5% of 522 patients with severe COVID-19. These antibodies are also detected in 18% of the 1,124 deceased patients (aged 20 days-99 years; mean: 70 years). 
We also hypothesized that the prevalence of auto-Abs against type I IFNs in the general, uninfected, population may increase with age and that these antibodies may be more common in men than in women.

These aren't being developed in response to COVID, but are in the population prior to COVID.

I'd tend to think of this more as another comorbidity - a condition that exacerbates the outcome of COVID.

IFN = Interferon.

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