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100% capacity for Texas Rangers opening day
The Rangers will be allowing 100% capacity on opening day for their new stadium. 

Masks required by stadium but not mandated by state. 

This would be a useful experiment to determine how good masks in an open space but sitting shoulder to shoulder with others is for avoiding spread.
"Masks required by the stadium".

So, if one's dad&mom goes to the game, and someone behind or next to them doesn't wear a mask, and they get COVID (and dies?), is the stadium liable because they didn't enforce the restrictions they claimed, a claim expected of them by their paying customers?

It seems like other cases of negligence I can imagine (no excessive drinking, no weapons, ...). I really don't know how the courts rule in these things, but I imagine most never get to court.

Hopefully spread of illness won't happen, but as one person here commented, this disease is crazy infectious when compared to the flu. I'm sure that the stadium will claim they must have gotten it somewhere else. No one will be in a position of doing statistics. (Surely, you don't think the stadium will identify those that attended the game, so someone could do statistics?)

You may call it an experiment, but it isn't. It IS an opportunity for a few hundred people to make a lot of money at the expense and health of a few tens of thousands.
"experiment" probably a bad word choice, and I didn't mean it to be that it should be one.  More like, if they're going to open things up, maybe we can get some useful information out of it.

Anyway, I think the team/facility said they will not actively enforce the masks, but instead will apply a 3 strikes policy like they do to excessively rude behavior.
There's political debate regarding whether to indemnify businesses from operating during the epidemic. One side says that life must go on and reasonable precautions are sufficient. The other is worried about things that M_T passionately expressed.

As usual it's partisian and pollical and the debate has become divorced from reality...

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