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California using second doses as first - M_T - 02-12-2021

I haven't found anything public from the state, but I've seen this is apparently true in Santa Clara County,

From San Louis Obispo county (California):
"Total people who got their first doses outnumbers the total number of first doses sent to SLO County because the County began administering as first doses some vaccines categorized as second doses, per California Department of Public Health guidance"

I haven't found the state owning up to this policy change or any public discussion of the policy and its plusses and minuses.

As I pointed out elsewhere, using one second dose as a first means two people don't have a second dose.  In a steady or rising supply, this can be maintained.  But California started with a surplus through mid January, which leads to a problem having enough second doses in mid February.  Any distortion in supply (a relative surplus early is equivalent to a relative deficit later) can lead to second doses not being available when required.  

Even in a steady supply, this policy can lead to periods in which all doses have to be used as second dose and no new first doses can be given.