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Effect of Stay-at-Home in San Diego - M_T - 01-31-2021

This is an interesting article showing the nature of the drop in outbreaks at various kinds of locations in San Diego during the recent Stay-at-Home order
"Before order" is 42 days long, while "During order" is 40 days long.
Also remember that "During order" included the majority of the Christmas shopping season as well as Christmas & New Years, which often includes vacation time for non-retail businesses and schools. (The numbers obviously only cover people being at those places; I believe the public schools were generally closed in both time frames.)

As I recall how outbreaks are calculated in San Diego, when 3 or more infected people interviewed as part of case tracking indicate their recent presence at a place in the same 2-week period, then it counts as an outbreak.  This does not indicate any of them got the infection there.   Unfortunately, San Diego doesn't do a survey to estimate how many healthy people, say, visited a hair salon in the same time frame.

Credit: San Diego Union Tribune
[Image: ?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcalifornia-times-brig...-order.jpg]