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Detox after vaccination - Hurlburt88 - 11-13-2021

RE: Detox after vaccination - M_T - 11-13-2021

For those that don't follow bare links, that to a news article examining some posts that allege actions (such as baths with added ingredients) to get rid of alleged toxins from vaccines for anti-vaxers that are forced into getting vaccinations.

Well, that's not humor, but I guess this is as good a place to put a "Look at what some people are thinking". I was bothered most by the last line "Another user told her to look into drinking “Miracle Mineral Solution,” which is bleach and can be fatal if ingested." That could be some smart-ass thinking he was making a snide comment, but if she took the advice as real, it could be fatal. I presume no one here wouldn't make that kind of a snide comment.