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Blood markers corresponding to some Long Covid symptoms
In Long COVID, Blood Markers Are Linked to Neuropsychiatric Symptoms (medical news article about a report from March)

UCSF scientists correlated certain blood markers with the presence of particular symptoms in some Long COVID sufferers.  Note that this is not predictive of getting the symptoms, but may allow a test to confirm (or maybe quantify) the issue.

Quote:Goetzl said that SARS-CoV-2, like several other viruses, targets structures called mitochondria within the cells it invades. The virus very likely interferes with normal mitochondrial tasks, he said, which include providing the cell with a usable form of energy and contributing to the immune system’s ability to respond to infection.

The researchers measured significant differences in levels of several mitochondrial proteins between long COVID patients with and without neuropsychiatric symptoms, pointing to alterations in mitochondrial function within neurons, according to Goetzl.

“I think the majority of scientists who have considered this might say it’s very unlikely that the virus particles remain infectious at this stage, but these viral proteins hanging around in the cell can still do bad things,” Goetzl said. He is optimistic about the development of small-molecule drugs that can enter infected cells and destroy specific viral proteins.
(05-29-2022, 07:46 PM)akiddoc Wrote:
Oops...  Thanks.  I meant to put a link in but didn't.

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