Full Version: Computer suggested repurposed drugs against COVID
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The San Diego Supercomputer Center has been searching FDA approved drugs for ones that might impact critical functioning of SARS-CoV-2.  The advantage of these drugs is that their safety is already understood.

In April, they published a list of 64 drugs that might impact the virus's ability to replicate.

In September, they published a list of another 147 drugs that might also impact the virus's ability to replicate.  Among those suggested as possible were HCQ, vitamin D3, vitamin E acetate, and vitamin E succinate, and some compounds from citrus fruits or apples.

A recent new article indicates they've done another unpublished (I couldn't find it) study to identify drugs that may impact the virus's ability to enter cells (if I understand it properly).

Please note that these are only indicated as having POSSIBLE impact.  Any of them would have to be studied for efficacy.  Some (many?) of them have already been suggested.  Some have been studied.  At least HCQ has been discounted

"Individuals should consult a doctor before experimenting with vitamins, minerals and other compounds"