Full Version: California changing vaccine prioritization
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I missed this on Monday:

Quote:Perhaps even more anticipated was Ghaly's update on California's vaccine rollout plan. Gov. Newsom said Monday that after teachers, food and agricultural workers in Tier 1B, the state would move to an age-based priority system.

That's much simpler than the old plan, which included everyone from "water and wastewater" workers to the "communications and IT" sector in Tier 1C.

As I calculate it, after Phase 1B Tier 2, we're 44% through the eligible population (14M out of 31.6M).

(Uh, for the author of that news report,  Your "Tier 1B" is Phase 1b Tier 1.  Your "Tier 1C" was Phase 1c.)
I do feel that it is important to adjust things as the situation changes, but I suspect these and future changes will be like inconsistent messaging in the sense that they will confuse and upset people.