Full Version: N. Calif. sewage monitoring
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Northern California sewage monitoring continues...

The level of COVID in the area is mostly continuing to decline slowly, but 2022 has been and is still higher than 2021.

There is now a page that shows which COVID variants are most common. (currently BA.4 + BA.5 are 100%).

RSV is climbing fast in most measured areas.
Human metapneumovirus is climbing.
Flu is not a big issue yet (but I've heard it is big in San Diego).
Monkeypox is pretty much limited to San Francisco.

Two ongoing sources of COVID info:  
Steve Shafer's irregular newsletter
Your Local Epidemiologist

Steve Shafer's Oct. 1 letter has item #7 about something from Nature news where a unique variant was discovered in sewage and was traced back to the individual in whom it evolved.