Full Version: Bivalent booster
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I just got my bivalent booster and flu shot this weekend. After going with Moderna for all my prior shots I went with Pfizer. 

I was shocked to hear that only 4% of eligible folks have gotten it. 

This seems to me to be an indictment the government's blasé messaging around the pandemic and our society's eagerness to hope it away.  

If folks here have not gotten it and are eligible may I ask why? Are you waiting for the Novavax vaccine?
I continue to be N95-masked at all times around those outside my household (and no eating around others). As the community incidence falls (but still above almost all of 2021), I think the likelihood of my getting COVID to be small given those conditions. However, I am starting to do some things that include time around other (unmasked) people.

I am now at 6 months out from my last booster and am going to visit grandchildren (for a birthday party of one) in 3 weeks. I wanted to get a shot this weekend or this coming week, but none were available at my usual pharmacy chain or through my MD's organization. I do have a (Moderna Bivalent + Flu) vaccination scheduled next Monday. That's 2 days shy of two weeks before the birthday party. If I find a way to get a vaccination this week, I may go for it.

(Part of the scheduling complication was that I had another vaccination 3 weeks ago and wanted that long between shots.)

Update: My county did have other options so that I could get a booster this week.
My wife and I haven't gotten the bivalent booster yet. We're in our 40s and had a booster in Dec 2021. We are definitely going to get it in the next month or so (prob Pfizer, first 3 shots all Pfizer), but have been holding off since:
-Case rates in Santa Clara County are relatively low
-We are almost never unmasked around others indoors
-Expecting another Covid surge in Dec/Jan and also planning an international trip Jan-Mar 2023 so holding off a bit since the booster protection probably wanes after 3-4 months

But yeah, I'm not expecting a very high booster uptake.