Full Version: Sewage readings, plus another source of info
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I was pointed at this site of an epidemiologist ("YLE" = "Your Local Epidemiologist") thoughts on COVID today.  COVID 2.75?
If you go to her main site, you'll see more than just this one analysis. (Of interest is that she recently got her two young (2-ish?) daughters vaccinated.)
(And don't forget Steve's COVID-19 updates)

The author referenced the Biobot sewage data, so I went to look at that.   Last I had looked, they had a graph that didn't show the current surge in their overall or regional data, but was showing it in their individual county data.  I didn't track down what I saw as a discrepancy.

The CDC may be using the Biobot data at their site.  I note it doesn't include the Stanford data for SF, SF peninsula, San Jose, Gilroy, Sacramento.  I find their data to be quite confusing!

I hadn't looked at the Stanford SCAN site for a while.  It was VERY slow to load the graphs.  Yep, things are still running hot.  I find their default focus on the last 6 weeks to be too narrow.  Maximize the number of weeks and you can compare current with Omicron levels, the little Delta bump, or the Dec. 2020 wave.

You likely will find it interesting that SCAN is now measuring influenza, RSV, and, yes, Monkeypox.
Monkeypox is detected in the two SF sewagesheds, but not in the other areas yet.
Yes the variants certainly seem to be morphing quickly and creating uncertainty in booster recipes;  I agree that the industry just needs to decide on a broad recipe and move forward, not letting perfect be the enemy of good.  Definitely a lot of transmission out there--triangulates with what I am seeing in the workplace.