Full Version: Hospitalization with versus from COVID
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With the relatively milder Omicron, the prior statistics of how many COVID-positive patients are in hospitals with COVID is no longer adequate.  Previously, it was a pretty good assumption that those in the hospital with COVID were there because of COVID.

When Omicron was recognized in South Africa, the representatives pointed out that there were many people in the hospital where COVID was incidental to their reason for being in the hospital.

(For instance, a woman in the hospital who had to give birth by C-section, and just happened to have COVID would be there WITH Covid.)

The first statistics I've seen on hospitalizations WITH Covid versus FOR Covid are in this San Francisco newspaper report
They indicate that about 60% of their current cases in the hospital are FOR Covid, and 40% of their current cases are there for other reasons.

I'll point out that those in the hospital WITH Covid still need to be isolated and have specialized handling, so the widespread incidence of COVID in the community increases the workload for a hospital even if none were admitted FOR Covid.