Full Version: Weather & COVID
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New Hampshire is #1 in cases/100K in the last week at 539.5.
New Hampshire is #1 in vaccination rate at 88.5% of the total population having had at least one vaccination.

Cases/100K population in last 7 days
[Image: COVIDcase-Rate20211203.png]
To me, this looks like the weather map, showing a cold front coming down from the north.  Maybe the outdoor temperature or the side-effects of cold weather (indoors; heating with little recycling of air; wood smoke somehow helping the virus to get into airways) are contributing to this.

Vaccination rate:[Image: COVIDvac-Rate20211203.png]

ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, PA are the states with > 80% vaccination (of total population)
NJ is 79.7%, CA is 79.3%, NY is 78.8%  Every other state is lower.
it seems logical that weather impacts transmission both positively and negative.   However, I have been surprised that at a macro level the effect does not seems that strong.  Seems more like surges happen in regular waves with the next variant.