Full Version: (Lack of) Variants
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The CDC shows the proportion of variants in the US.  We have 99.9% B.1.617.2 (delta).
Hawaii, at 95.3%, has the most other variant 3.4% of AY.1 (also delta).
Florida, at 97.5%, is next most. 2.2% "Other" (not a variant of concern, of interest, or being monitored).
11 states have between 1 and 2% "Other".
(Puerto Rico is 92.5%, with 7% Other.)

While another nasty variant may arise, it seems that B.1.617.2 is relatively stable, or is squeezing out other variants as they may occur.  Considering that most of the vaccines weren't optimized against B.1.617.2, and yet they do a pretty good job of reducing hospitalizations for it, I am hopeful that some vaccine-escaping deadly variant is unlikely to emerge.

I'd guess the reason Florida & Hawaii & Puerto Rico have more Other infections is the frequency of foreign visitors, arriving from other countries with less effective vaccination.
Hope you are correct, M_T!  Not a shock that Delta as a highly contagious variant would "win out" and the the process squeeze out less contagious but more lethal variants.  Hoping it stays this way as we move into "endemic" management