Full Version: Census bureau survey
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I received a text today (allegedly & actually) from the  US Census Bureau, with a link to a survey at  After validating that everything looked legit, I took the approximately 20 minute survey.

See about the survey at

They wanted to know everything about you, except your name.
Age, gender, address, income, race, email (because I said to use email vs text), education, household size, sexual orientation,  gender identity, etc. (not religion or politics)
I almost aborted the survey.

Most of the COVID related questions were short term (last week or two).  I guess there was one where they ask if a health professional has told you you had COVID.  They didn't ask how many times you were infected, whether it was mild or critical, how many times you've been tested.  (They did ask 0, 1, or all vaccinations, but not what kind.)  Instead they asked more about financial & emotional negatives (did you have trouble making payments;  were you feeling stressed, etc.)

Judging from what the news covers,  I'm sure I'm an outlier.  But even outliers should do the surveys.

What I feel about surveys like this is that they are pre-selected by someone who wants to make an issue of what the survey measures.  If a survey is done about whether people are a vegetarian or not, that becomes an issue du jour, even if, say, the weather is the biggest influence on the country at the time.
definitely seems like there could be some bias in the responses--a person with non-neutral emotions resulting from COVID might be more likely to respond.