Full Version: "Close contact"
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With all the obviousness of the different nature of Delta versus the original COVID, the CDC has failed to extend "close contact" to either shorter time or larger separations.

This feels like the whole "We don't need no stinking' masks" situation again.  

Per the CDC's own cautious underestimation, " The Delta variant is highly contagious, more than 2x as contagious as previous variants.".    So, why doesn't the "close contact" definition reflect that?

Can anyone understand why they haven't adjusted "close  contact"?

(In schools, "close contact" is defined to be within 3' not 6';
US rate of cases: 323/100K in 7 days
CA rate of cases: 141/100K in 7 days
LA Unified School District:  2600/665K  =  391/100K students in 7 days.     Despite required masks.   Ouch!)