Full Version: California wimpy school COVID requirements
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I just reviewed California's rules on schools & COVID and I'm supremely disappointed. 

August 11, 2021 order
June 11, 2021 order
COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2021-22 School Year (dated Aug. 2, 2021)

 They require ONLY

1. Students & adults wear masks indoors.  (A non-adult visitor is not required to wear a mask.)
2. COVID cases are reported to the state and local public health departments.
3. School system workers (incl. unpaid; limited to adults) have vaccinations or else get tested weekly (with tests that include those with 50% false negative rates).

That's it.

Students (and non-employee adults) ARE NOT required to quarantine if they've been exposed, nor required to isolate if they've been diagnosed.   Employed teachers may be required to quarantine only if some other regulation requires it.

Nor are they required to get tested or stay home if they have symptoms.
Students (etc.) that have been diagnosed with COVID are not required to stay out of school, nor are they required to be separated from other students.
Students (etc.) that show up at school obviously sick are not required to be separated from other students nor required to be sent home.  There's no wording that suggests that schools have a plan for this situation.

Eating is allowed indoors.  No minimum separation required.
Cleaning is not required (relative to COVID), only recommended (and even then, once a day is all that is recommended).
Contact tracing by the school is only a "should have a plan" recommendation.

"Safe distancing" is specifically excluded from being recommended.

Specifically, the California State Health Officer's orders do not require anyone to do anything if a student is diagnosed with COVID and comes to school anyway, nor can anyone do anything if a student is obviously sick with COVID and does not take a test.  I see nothing that gives the school and requirement to protect the other students.   Presumably, such a student would not be contact traced (unless the parents reported the COVID test while still sending their child to school).  The local Health Departments might contact the school if they knew of the test result, but they are not required to do so by the State's orders.

AFAICT, the state nowhere requires those diagnosed with COVID to isolate, except in their role as an employee.  (and, of course, the CDC doesn't either).  I guess it is all up to the local health departments.

No wonder the US has so much trouble with COVID.
Parents need to band together and pressure their school board to adopt better rules. The school boards have been hearing from the nuts. Sane parents need to speak up and stay on it. It would be easier on the parents if the CDC, states and counties would do a better job but, since that's not happening, it falls on the parents to protect their kids.
While I sympathize the opinion of "nuts", we should continue to strive to understand the reasons and motivations of those who see things differently than we do. The last thing we need is more polarization, contributing to people digging their heels in. If neither side can convince the other, then maybe we have to live together despite our differences. (But, the emphasis on "live together", not "die together")

I was thinking the other day that Time Magazine might come out with their person of the year 2021 being Charles Darwin.