Full Version: Santa Clara County (CA) stats
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Using my home county as an example, from their COVID data.

Reported cases (per 100K unvax) in unvaccinated is running roughly 4x reported cases (per 100K Jax) in vaccinated.  That gives a vaccine effectiveness of 75%.  That ratio has been holding steady.

Total cases per 100K (of the specific age population):
0-1      4,200 per 100,000.
2-7      3,400 to 3,700
8-9       4,000
11-13   4,500
14-15   5,000
16       5,700
17      6,700
< 19   4,775
20-29 10,000
30-39   8,100
40-49   6,800
50-59   6,000
60-69   4,700
70-79   3,500
80-89   4,300
90+     8,000

These numbers are before school starts exposing kids to each other.
A similar graph on Contra Costa Health site shows unvaccinated rates that are at least 7 days old running about 5x the vaccinated rates. More recent rates show an increasing multiple but are incomplete.

I wonder how much of Santa Clara's relatively low rate (compared to Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco) is the result of the problem with Kaiser data noted at the top of the Alameda dashboard.
Alameda showed a ratio of
rate per 100K unvax = 3x rate per 100K vaccinated.

I don't see anything about Kaiser at
Ahh, at Santa Clara County, there is a note
Quote:Due to data transmission issues between Kaiser and the state's CalREDIE system since early August, case and testing data are currently under reported

(I did see the state today was saying Santa Clara County removed something over 400 deaths from the COVID total.)