Full Version: Could this scenario happen?
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Consider this image from Pfizer
[Image: E7esN_zUcAgXTV0?format=jpg&name=medium]

Note that the protection against Beta has almost disappeared (compared to pre-vaccination).

Imagine if Delta runs through the unvaccinated as it is doing.  Suppose all those unvaccinated get infected, and the survivors thus have a natural immunity.  The vaccinated have a waning protection against other variants but suppose the vaccines last well enough so that the vast majority are protected for this wave of Delta.

But, suppose that the vaccinated's protection against Beta is negligible in, say, November.  Couldn't a wave of Beta spread through the vaccinated, just like Delta spread through the unvaccinated?  (Maybe Beta doesn't have quite the infectibility of Delta, so the spread wouldn't be as dramatic)

It would be ironic (and seen as support for those antivaxers that survived) if there were a wave of COVID that primarily went through those with early vaccinations?
2 thoughts.   First, these neutralizing titers are antibodies, but the protection at other levels of the immune system (T-cells, B-cells, etc.) runs deeper.   Second, this is why boosters are coming this fall.