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An unvaccinated (child) relative is traveling within the US.  By CDC recommendations, an unvaccinated traveller should both get tested  before & after travel, AND quarantine (presumably after each leg of travel).

So, I looked into testing for when you don't have but a few days until travel.  Just FYI, this is what I came up with (personal details removed).  YMMV (pun intended).  Different locations may have different situations.

"Both vaccination and previous infection can result in a positive antibody test."
I believe you can do the antigen tests (less sensitive).
This news report indicates one survey found antigen got 41% of the PCR detected infections.
(Here is a medical paper on diagnostic tests.)
(Here is a site that evaluates all the tests.)

CVS minute clinic is offering 1-2 day PCR tests plus antigen and antibody tests.   All testing requires an appointment.
Perhaps only some sites are set up for the full suite of tests.

CVS Home tests:
Pixel PCR:  Out of stock near you
BinAx (See below at Walgreens)  In stock at your location.   71x 5 star reviews; 10x 1 star review.
Ellume  In stock nearby.  26x 5 star reviews; 43x 1 star reviews.  Lots of false positives reported.

Costco Pharmacy offers a home test(saliva PCR $115 - $119), with results quickly after receipt by the lab.
Your Costco isn't listed.  The nearest listed is .....
Drop off completed test before UPS pick-up Thursday and expect results
12 - 48 HRS
The claim is " This test has a sensitivity of 98% (meaning 98% of positive tests are correct) and a specificity of 99% (meaning 99% of negative tests are correct)."

There is a version of this test ($20 more?) in which they will observe you doing the test by video.  This might be useful to avoid someone claiming you faked the test.  (The intent of observation is to validate the test for travel.)

Walgreens offers free drive-up testing
ID-Now rapid test (24 hrs) or PCR lab tests.
(It appears ID-NOW is a high quality 15-minute test, rivaling PCR, but clearly they aren't evaluating it in the store)
(Aegis testing turnaround: 6 hours after it gets to the lab.
Labcorp testing turnaround: 1-2 days (as of June 30)

Walgreens also offers at-home testing with no lab required

BinaxNow:  $24 for two tests for one person.  In stock at Encinitas and Oceanside
Abbott  BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Self Test should be performed twice in 3 days, at least 36 hours apart.
647x 5 star, 62x 1 star reviews
  Shallow Nasal swab
Independent testing:  88% detection of positives.  99% detection of negatives.
But another study showed much worse detection:  64% detection of symptomatic patients; 35% detection of asymptomatic.

Quote:Why is this test indicated for “serial testing” and what does serial testing mean? Serial testing means that people should test themselves frequently, so that if they’re positive, they can catch themselves at the beginning of their infection and, hopefully, before they transmit it to others. By having our test indicated for serial testing, it offers an added layer of protection. That’s why each box comes with two tests in it.
My reading is:  Serial testing is required because the first test may miss the infection and your chances are much higher if you test twice to NOT get two false negatives.

QuickVue  $24 for two tests for one person.   In stock nearby.
 Shallow Nasal Swab
Reviews show some kits were damaged.  Some report of false positives.  62x 5 stars, 24x 1 star reviews