Full Version: Moderna trial quad flu vaccine
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Moderna has announced a phase 1/2 trial for a quadrivalent vaccine against influenza A H1N1, H3N2 and influenza B Yamagata and Victoria

Their vision, but not this trial apparently, is to have a single vaccine that targets
  1. influenza
  2. COVID-19 variant booster
  3. RSV

I had seen the CDC warning about rampant RSV but I hadn't heard about it in CA any.
Then I talked to someone in TX who said the hospitals had a heavy load of RSV.
I just checked the CDC tables and TX is getting 20% positive on PCR tests, while CA is < 2%.
The US is about 26% positive, with 1000 detections a week.

(This is not a traditional season for high RSV infections.)
I look forward to continued vaccine advances targeting wider disease spectrums.   

Any thoughts out there on what is driving the RSV increase?
Thoughts, yes. But it's just my uninformed guesses. Not based on what I've read.
(By the way, I was going to visit my sister-in-law today, but she came down with a "cold". RSV? I don't know. I don't think it is Delta Covid.)

One theory I read was that RSV among the very young is possibly because they are getting it all at once. In previous years, the illnesses were spread out over a longer period, and often happened at home as older siblings brought it home. My opinion is you can probably find evidence to support/refute this by looking at kids who's siblings have been in school for longer periods.

I wonder if our resistance ("immunity" from having it previously) against RSV is short-lived. We don't notice very minor infections throughout the year, but each exposure/minor illness is a booster. We haven't had any for quite a while, so we're very vulnerable.

Also, maybe we are being hyper-sensitive and reporting cases that we would have ignored if we weren't worried it was COVID.

(Hmmm... sorta reminds me of a C-Diff infection after a course of antibiotics. The normal biome that competes with C-Diff has been wiped out and the C-Diff wins the land rush for all those nutrients.)
THanks.  Anecdote/artisinal datapoint:  my college-aged son has 2 friends with coughs & fever.   Both COVID-vaccinated.   ONly one has been tested so far for COVID and it came back negative.