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Taiwan continues to track its cases individually.

Here's their report of the Delta variant getting into the country and spreading.  As you'll see, all it takes is one person to introduce the variant.
South Taiwan township enters 'semi-Level 4' lockdown amid Delta cluster

Woman & grandchild return from Brazil to Taiwan.  She violates quarantine 5 days after returning and interacts with a neighbor relative.  On that same day, she & grandchild gets symptoms.  She again interacts with the same person.  5 days later that person develops symptoms and 2 days later, takes a taxi.  That same day (!! raises questions), taxi driver gets symptoms.  2 days later, a grandchild of the neighbor relative gets symptoms.  Meanwhile, the taxi driver (2 days into symptoms) has tea with 2 friends, and a day later with a family member.   Those 3 develop symptoms.   Then 3 other family members of the taxi driver develop symptoms.

The county was to begin vaccination of all residents in the area last Sunday.  I guess anti-vexers get no choice.
I think we need a new term. To me, "anti vaxers" are somewhat radical folks that still believe that vaccinations cause autism, try to prevent vaccinations (yes there were protests at mass vaccination sites with folks attempting to help the "sheeple" understand that this is a hoax. 

I think that when everybody has access to a super effective vaccine one needs to give maximum respect to folks that just don't trust it. There is a lot of grey area and tough conversations about how many more people die. Also, some folks have compromised immune systems, and can not easily be protected with a vaccine. However, we must recognize that long term effects of the vaccine, no matter how unlikely, can not be known at this time. 

I have seen government officials state the risk of the awful blood clots as one in six million. If you look at the numbers with respect to the demographics about who got the blood clots (women of childbearing age under 30), the number is more like 1 in 250,000. This may be a more appropriate risk assessment. I don't trust blanket CDC statements for that reason. This is true especially in light of the fact that we could restrict use of J&J  to that group without slowing our vaccination program.
Yes, there are people who, based on sound medical advice, should not get vaccines.  I don't know that number, but of the adults, I expect it to be under 1%.

However, the number of people who are not getting the vaccine is far higher than that.  It is available to them and they seem to be choosing to decline it.  Whether their concern is the particular vaccine, or whether they see it as abridgment of their freedoms, or what, I think they are most simply grouped under a term of "anti-vaxxers".  

In this article are some viewpoints of ministers about trying to get their parishioners to get vaccines.  One interesting statement is that "Black adults are now among the least likely to say they will definitely not get vaccinated, according to KFF polling."   However, when I look at the CDC Vaccination Demographic Trends, blacks are listed as only 25.6% with at least one dose. But wait, the stats shown don't make sense as none of the racial categories reach the overall 55% percentage of the population with at least one dose.


I'm a little confused: Are you saying that J&J vaccines are LESS or MORE likely to cause blood clots than the AZ and/or the mRNA vaccines  and/or COVID infection ?   It seems to me that each of them has had questions about blood clots.
(AZ & BNT study.  Risk Ratio 1.13 for AZ.  No association for BNT.
Another study on mRNA.  "The risk of CVT was 8 to 10 times higher in the 513,284 patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis than in the 489,871 vaccinees and 100 times greater than in the general population. There were only two cases of CVT in the vaccine population" (the last statement indicates that a half-million vaccinees is probably too small a sample)  "The incidence of PVT was 436.4 per 1 million people with COVID-19, ... and 44.9 per 1 million after vaccination with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine."
J&J:  As of mid-May, there were 28 blood clot cases out of 8.7M doses.
AZ:  86 cases in 25M doses.  Later (actually, early April), 212 cases in 34M doses.
I know 3 persons closely who have chosen not to get the vaccine.   ONe is watching and tentatively plans to get this fall as the world learns more about possible side effects.  A second is waiting for "full approval status" versus EAU and is concerned about a mass vaccination campaign without full due diligence.   The third had a child who developed autism after receiving a childhood vaccine--he believes there is causality.   

3 anecdotes for what it's worth or not worth.
Good news for Taiwan. They believe they have stamped out that Delta cluster reported above. They also have significantly reduced the number of infections throughout Taiwan, but they still remain locked down.
in contrast, UK opening up with one expert calling this something like the creation of a factory for new variants