Full Version: Overheard at a park in SoCal
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California is doing well with only 29 weekly new cases per 100K population.  Between that, and full vaccination, I feel my risk is acceptable if I'm fully masked indoor & out, and only around people with some level of immunity (vaccinated or within 4 months of having COVID).

I worry this won't last.  The state doesn't have some magic shield keeping the virus at bay.  Like the other states that had low numbers (Oregon was about 40 weekly new cases per 100K in early March and has now tripled that), California may get hot again.

I was at a birthday party at a public park in northern San Diego County today (21.24/100K; 2%).  I overheard one man (in a different party) say that his daughter was there because she had "a bit of a cold" so they didn't go to the pool but instead came to the park.

Gee, thanks.
People still don't get it after more than a year. Families walk into our clinic for routine physicals with their sick kids everyday. They are screened the night before by our staff and deny all symptoms. Which is why we're still using full PPE multiple times a week.