Full Version: Tiers no more?
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The CDPH moved Contra Costa into the Orange tier yesterday, though it's case rate is climbing about 5 per 100k and never dropped below the 4 required to move into Orange. The Gov also announced that by June 15th, there will no longer be tiers in CA, instead we'll be open for business. Good news indeed, but hardly consistent with the previous messages from the Gov and the State. 

Methinks, either he has finally seen the light that lockdowns don't really help or that the recall is getting real.
I'm about to post suggestions from the CDC that locking down youth sports in Michigan may be a good idea. We must see different lights.

While I hope the governor is fortunately right, I have to suspect that the very high outbreaks in other areas of the country might suggest that keeping machinery in place for tightening things may be a wiser path. Michigan was in a good spot in mid February but is now having 6x as many cases, getting close to the highs around Thanksgiving.

But he did the same thing with the restrictions based on hospitalization. He disabled those in Sacramento while it was high enough that the area would have gone right back onto restrictions..
The state has been playing games with the criteria for the tiers. The criteria for red tier was changed to below 10 new cases per 100k and the criteria for orange tier was change to below 6. The change in criteria is what allowed several counties to be classified orange.

Somehow the state always comes up with lower numbers than what I come up with using and Johns Hopkins web site. The new case rates (7 day average) that I have for Santa Clara and CoCo are currently 7.2 and 7.0. The state has it's unadjusted numbers as 5.1 and 5.8 respectively. In Santa Clara, the lag in the state numbers explains a large part of the difference. I had Santa Clara at 5.6 a week ago. However, CoCo never went below 6.7.
Inconsistency breeds doubt. Your point is well taken with me.
Card Crimson, were you alluding to Johnson & Johnson's product "No more Tiers".
(04-18-2021, 05:31 PM)M_T Wrote: [ -> ]Card Crimson, were you alluding to Johnson & Johnson's product "No more Tiers".