Full Version: Analysis of Pfizer vaccine effect in Israel
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Feb. 24 NEJM article:  "BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Mass Vaccination Setting"

This is an analysis of data from Israel based on evaluating the data being collected from the nationwide vaccinations.  Records of those without vaccines were paired with those who got vaccines with as much similarity as possible.

Lots of good info here.  Look well done to me.  Data up to Feb. 1.   The UK variant was common at the end of data collection. (80%) but the South African variant wasn't.

The article estimates the Pfizer vaccine effectiveness at reducing various outcomes
Outcome1st dose + 14-20days2nd dose + 7+days
Documented infection46%92%
Symptomatic Covid-1957%94%
Severe Disease62%92%

Effectiveness for reducing documented infections or symptomatic COVID-19 was consistent across age groups.
The Pfizer vaccine appeared effective at reducing infections from the UK variant.