Full Version: Posting guidelines
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TheCOVIDboard is intended for sharing knowledge and information about the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Facts are welcome, but please document your facts (preferably with links to source material).
  • Opinions can be politely offered, but please avoid disparaging the opinions of others.
  • Never attack other users.  Avoid attacking any people (including public figures such as politicians).  Explain your disagreements or offer improvements to specific policies.  Derisive name calling is unwelcome.
  • Do not harass other users (by PM, email, etc.)
  • Most of us use handles to identify ourselves on this site. One advantage of this is that people with inside knowledge can feel free to disclose information about themselves or their experiences. Please remember that it is each individual's choice how much information he or she discloses. Please respect other posters' choices on anonymity.
  • Please remain close to the COVID-19 topic. Specifically, minimize discussions about politics. While important, they are polarizing, which is unwelcome here.
  • Do not post content from sites behind a paywall.  Instead, post a link to the site with a summary of the content of interest.
  • When quoting (brief) material from other sites, use the cartoon speech bubble to indicate it is a quote. Include a link to the original site.
By using this board, you agree that the administrators have the right to delete any post, thread, forum or the entire board for any reason and you agree that the administrators have the right to ban any user for some time or permanently for any reason.